Software module for OBD2 working with FCA group vehicles (Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat) with ECUs Continental GPEC2 LOCKED, GPEC2A.

*A BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle and J2534 adapter (only tested devices listed below) are required in order to use this software! 

Direct connection to the ECU is required for unlocking (recommended cable here).

Attention! UNLOCK function is not working with all J2534 adapters. Currently we tested and can only guarantee correct unlock with Scanmatik2 Pro, CarDAQ Plus, Bosch VCM2, Mongoose (not ISO/CAN version).

Unlock does not work with Tactrix OpenPort 2.0, Chipsoft J2534, SMS Soft Dialink.

These ECUs are used on normal aspirated petrol cars from 2013 and have internal protection from tuning (LOCK).

For successful MOD file writing you need to remove the protection (ECU Unlock) in BSL mode. You will need to open ECU and connect it on the bench as shown in connection manual.

This is the world first solution with no need to send the ECU to any workshop for PCM modification. You can do by all yourself.

Module allows the following operations:

  • Identification and getting LOCK status (LOCKED/ UNLOCKED)
  • FULL FLASH reading
  • EEPROM reading
  • ECU Unlock in BSL mode
  • Calibration area writing
  • EEPROM writing
  • Read and clear DTC

  • Continental GPEC2 2013+ MPC5566 3Mb (FID: 20)
  • Continental GPEC2 2015+ MPC5566 3Mb (FID: 21)
  • Continental GPEC2A MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 19)
  • Continental GPEC2A 2018+ MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 131)
  • Continental GPEC3 MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 18)

Additional FIDs for GPEC2/GPEC2A/GPEC3/GPEC4 to work with ECUs in BSL CAN mode:

  • Continental GPEC2 MPC5566 CAN BSL (FID: 319)
  • Continental GPEC2A/GPEC3 MPC5674 CAN BSL (FID: 320)
  • Continental GPEC4 MPC5674 CAN BSL (FID: 321)

For full info please view the product page here.