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BitBox Toyota Denso Gen1 CAN Module

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BitBox Toyota Denso Gen1 CAN Module

£225.00 Exc. tax

J2534 Tactrix Openport 2.0 interface and a BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle are required in order to use this software. For full info about BitSoftware products click here.

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Software module to flash Toyota Denso Gen1 ECUs used in Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Hino petrol and diesel vehicles.

Toyota Denso NEC 76F00XX (FID: 24)

Toyota Denso NEC TCM 76F00XX (FID: 26) – test

It supports working with ECM and TCM of Denso ECUs with CAN-bus and based on MCUs NEC 76F0038, 76F0039, 76F0040, 76F0070 & 76F0085.

Module allows:

  • Software identification
  • Virtual reading lastest software update
  • Writing (update version or downgrade)
  • Checksums and CVN correction
  • Recovery from any state*


* This feature allows to recovery ECU broken (with any tool) during CANBus writing or while Techstream update. You don’t need any NBD/JTAG device, it CAN BE DONE with J2534 device via CANBus with bootstrap mode. This feature allows easy recovery of ECUs, including LC200 4.5TD without hard opening of the case and neccessary access to back side of PCB, and also new ECUs without NBD/JTAG pins on PCB (for example Camry V50, Highlander 3.5 U50, etc.).


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