Manuals, Software and Utilities available for download:

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Free Software:

Download MEDC17 Blocks



Download K-Suite Carlist
Download K-Suite Setup
Download Powergate Carlist
Download KESS V2 Manual



Download BitBox Supported Car / ECU List
Download BitBox Setup
Download BitBox Slave Setup
Download BitEdit Setup
Download USB Driver



Download ByteShooter Carlist
Download ByteShooter Drivers
Download ByteShooter Software



Download CMDFlash Carlist
Download CMDFlash BDM Manual



Download Genius Carlist
Download Trasdata Carlist
Download My Genius Carlist
Download Dimsport Complete Vehicle List
Download Race Supported Checksums



Download MPPS Carlist



Download MAGPro2 X17 Carlist
Download MAGPro2 TCU Manager Carlist
Download MAGPro2 T-Boot Carlist
Download MAGPro2 BDM MPC5xx ECU list



Download PCMFlash Setup


I/O Terminal Tool: 

Please note, some browsers and virus scanners may identify the I/O Terminal software as potentially unsafe. Please rest assured it is clean, however because of the way the executable file is packed it is sometimes mistaken as malware. For this reason the downloads are protected by a password, which is “iotpass”.

Download I/O Terminal Tool User Manual
Download Twin CAN Modification
Download Siemens ECU Tool
Download Marelli ECU Tool
Download Denso ECU Tool
Download Bosch Tool
Download Easytronic Tool
Download Volvo
Download Motorcycle Tool
Download Fiat BSI Tool
Download Multitool
Download ST10 Flasher – FREE!
Download CAN Scanner / Logger – FREE!
Download Dump tool SID206/305 – FREE!



Download SuperVAG FLASH ECU List
Download SuperVAG Toolbox ECU List
Download SuperVAG Toolbox Dashboard List


Turrin Elettronica:

Download MTM-CAN Carlist