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Scanmatik 2 PRO – J2534 PassThru

Scanmatik 2 PRO – J2534 PassThru

£430.00 Exc. tax

In stock

Scope of delivery:

  • Scanmatik SM2-PRO interface
  • 16 pin OBD2 cable
  • 12V cigar lighter power cable
  • Carry case
  • Software and drivers package (download)
  • USB cable

Suitable for use with BitBox MG1/MD1 BENCH module and PCMFlash Modules 53/71!

In stock


Professional multi brand auto scanner designed to diagnose electronic control systems of modern cars. Works with a personal computer, tablet or smartphone, programs for Windows and Android included.

When installing the driver (included in the package), it works with third-party diagnostic software made for SAE J2534 and RP1210 standards, as well as with loaders, applying programming resolution voltages to various pins of the diagnostic connector.

All kits include the full current version of the program (all currently available program modules):

VAZ , GAZ , UAZ , Oka , ZAZ , Daewoo , Chevrolet , Ravon , Chery , BYD , Geely , Great Wall , Lifan , Mitsubishi , Kia , Hyundai , Izh , KAMAZ , MAZ , PAZ , OBD2 .

Specifications adapter SM2-PRO

  • Interfaces for communication with a PC (Tablet, Smartphone) – USB or Bluetooth
  • Power supply: 5 … 36V from the vehicle electrical system or USB (galvanic isolation with power)
  • Current consumption, not more than 350mA
  • Internal switching power supplies of own design (no heating + wide input voltage range from 5 to 55V)
  • Protection for power supply surges “Load-Dump” (when disconnecting the generator while the engine is running)
  • Supported data buses: 13 x ISO-9141 / ISO-14230 (K-LINE)1 x J1850VPW1 x J1850PWM4 x CAN1 x Single Wire CAN
  • Built-in multiplexer for switching diagnostic lines
  • Widest support for J2534-1 / 2 standards
  • Programming voltage supply (5-24V) – on the OBD2 connector legs: 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14
  • AUX programming voltage output (need optional  OBD2 + Aux cable )
  • Bluetooth range, not less: 10m (Class 2)
  • Adapter dimensions (L x W x H), not more: 97 x 75 x 22mm
  • Device weight in a basic complete set, no more: 1 kg

Optional BENCH/BOOT cable with automatic power control suitable for using Scanmatik.

Compatible BitBox MG1/MD1 BENCH module and PCMFlash modules 53/71.

(We have sold 2 versions of this cable, using different colours for connections)

Version 1 (1 LED):

No longer supplied!

  • Red 12V+
  • Black GND
  • White CAN H
  • Green CAN L
  • Yellow K-Line
  • Blue-Green GPT1
  • Yellow-Red / Yellow-Brown GPT2
  • Purple VPP
  • Blue-CNF1
  • Grey BOOT

Version 2 (3 LED):

The adapter has reverse polarity protection.
Power supply LED indicator (Green)
Power supply for ECU LED indicator (Red/Orange)
Boot mode LED indicator (Blue)
Automatic power supply switching for ECU via L-line
Automatic generation of BOOT/CNF (for PCMFlash module 53)

NEW: Connection wires are now individually labelled to avoid wrong connections.

    • Red 12V+
    • Black GND
    • White CAN H
    • Green CAN L
    • Pink K-Line (or Yellow-Black with Green insulation on early version)
    • Yellow GPT1
    • Orange GPT2
    • Blue-CNF1 (1K Ohm)
    • Grey BOOT1 (1K Ohm)
    • Brown BOOT2 (1K Ohm)
    • Purple VPP

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