Software module for editing calibrations of Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep and Fiat vehicles with Continental GPEC3.

The following maps are available for editing:

Air calculation: Map for calculation of nominal charge, Volumetric efficiency at part load bank
Airflow correction: Airflow through throttle body, Coolant temperature factor for volumetric efficiency, Intake temperature factor for volumetric efficiency, Volumetric efficiency multiplier for coolant temperature, Volumetric efficiency multiplier for intake temperature
Closed loop: Closed loop enable delay bank
Idle speed: Desired idle speed in drive, Desired idle speed in drive (high octane), Elevated idle speed, Idle speed at drive, Idle speed in drive with AC, Idle speed in P/N, Idle speed in P/N with AC, Minimal idle speed at drive, Minimal idle speed at P/N, Minimal idle speed at P/N
Injection compensation: Fuel quantity injected, Lambda base value, Power enrichment at high octane, Power enrichment at regular octane
Injection control: Fuel mass by injection PWM, Injection PWM by fuel mass, Injection PWM offset
Limiters: Engine speed limitation, Engine speed limiter by engine coolant temperature, Engine speed limiter by oil temperature, Engine speed limiter in Neutral, Vehilce speed limitation
Spark advance: Optimal spark advance ignition angle in additional mode
Spark advance ignition angle base: Spark advance ignition angle base in additional mode, Spark advance minimum ignition angle
Spark Advance knock detection: Spark advance knock detection factor
Spark advance: corrections: Spark advance ignition angle correction by engine temperature
Spark advance: limits: Spark advance ignition angle limit
Temperature: Exhaust Gas Temperature
Throttle valve control: Throttle valve opening angle large range, Throttle valve opening angle small range
Torque: Maximum torque, Pedal accelerator by torque reques in additional mode, Torque limit by gear and speed, Torque request by accelerator pedal in additional mode

BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle is required in order to use this software!


Please note, this product is an map editor only and does not allow you to read/write the ECU, for reflashing software >>click here<<

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