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PRESALE option will give you FULL protocols activation as/when they are released!


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FLK02 – FLEX Full Kit HW

Use your FLEX to easily tune, reprogram, upgrade or modify the software of control units. An internet connection gives you access to all the potential that the tool offers you.

For advanced and repairing jobs, use the Flexbox module to program your control unit in BDM, Bootloader, JTAG and AUD modes. The device detects eventual connection or communication errors thanks to the concept of its state-of-the -art design.

*OBD protocols package will be released in the future.

FLS0.10M – Software Flex BL Tricore+Bench Bosch MEDC17

With the Full Bench MEDC17 Software package, you can now program a great deal of BOSCH MEDC17 controllers directly from the ECU connector without opening the unit.

You will never damage a BOSCH MEDC17 ECU again:

  • ONE, because you will no longer need to open it;

  • TWO, because you will no longer have to solder or use a bench to connect to it.

With the Full Bench MEDC17 Software package your interventions will always be safe and reliable over time. You will have complete backup reading even of the EEPROM without having to open the unit just in case you need to bring the ECU to original conditions.