Universal module for bench reading and writing for Bosch ME(D)17 and EDC17 ECUs based on Infineon TC17xx.

Allows reading and writing flash and EEPROM on the bench with auto detection of MCU type and file size by using Bosch Service Mode (BSM). Checksum fix is performed on writing. No open ECU needed. Connection is only on the bench

Bosch MEDC17 BENCH (FID: 407)

Supported MCUs: TC1724, TC1728, TC1762, TC1766, TC1767, TC1782, TC1792, TC1793, TC1796, TC1797


  • This module works only with Scanmatik SM2 or SM2 Pro. Requires a direct connection to the ECU connector using tested adapters with automatic power management such as Scanmatik bench cable.
  • This FID is not suitable for cloning ECU because there are protected OTP sectors. Also sectors (0x10; 0x20) are skipped during writing operation in order to avoid bricking ECUs.
  • On some ECUs checksums calculation may take a long time. It depends on the configuration of your computer.
  • In case of an identification error, check your connection, and also change the places of the GPT wire.
  • All tested adapters with automatic power management with wires for the GPT signal output available by the link below:

EDC17C06 BMW TC1766 1504
EDC17C08 KIA/Hyundai TC1766 1504
EDC17C41 BMW TC1797 4096
EDC17C43 MB TC1797 4096
EDC17C46 VAG TC1767 2048
EDC17C50 BMW TC1797 4096
EDC17C54 VAG TC1797 4096
EDC17C57 KIA/Hyundai TC1793 4096
EDC17C64 VAG TC1797 4096
EDC17C74 VAG TC1793 4096
EDC17CP02 BMW TC1766 1504
EDC17CP06 Honda TC1792 2048
EDC17CP09 BMW TC1796 2048
EDC17CP10 MB TC1796 2048
EDC17CP14 VAG TC1796 2048
EDC17CP44 VAG TC1797 4096
EDC17CP45 BMW TC1797 4096
EDC17CP46 MB TC1797 4096
EDC17CP49 BMW TC1797 4096
EDC17CP57 MB TC1793 4096
EDC17U01 VAG TC1766 1504
M17.8.42 BAJAJ KTM TC1762 1504
M17.8.7 KTM TC1762 1504
ME(V)17.2.1 BMW TC1796 2048
ME17.5.24 VAG TC1724 1536
ME17.5.26 VAG TC1724 1536

ME17.5.6 VAG TC1767 2048
ME17.8.5 BRP TC1762 1504
ME17.8.8 China TC1728 1536
ME17.8.8.1 China TC1728 1536
ME17.9.74 Polaris TC1762 1504
ME17U6 China TC1728 1536
MED17.0 Ford TC1767 2048
MED17.0.1 Ford TC1767 2048
MED17.1.21 VAG TC1793 4096
MED17.1.27 VAG TC1793 4096
MED17.1.6 VAG TC1797 4096
MED17.5 VAG TC1766 1504
MED17.5.1 VAG TC1796 2048
MED17.5.25 VAG TC1782 2560
MED17.5.5 VAG TC1766 1504
MED17.7.1 MB TC1797 4096
MED17.7.3.1 MB TC1797 4096
MED17.7.5 MB TC1793 4096
MED17.7.7 MB TC1793 4096
MED17.8.31 JLR TC1797 4096
MEV17.2 MINI Cooper TC1766 1504
MEVD17.2 BMW TC1797 4096
MEVD17.2.3 BMW TC1793 4096
MEVD17.2.G BMW TC1797 4096
UP6 China TC1728 1536


For full info please view the product page here.