Cable with automatic power control suitable for using Scanmatik with BENCH and BOOT protocols.

Compatible BitBox MG1/MD1 BENCH module and PCMFlash modules 53/71.

(We have sold 2 versions of this cable, using different colours for connections)

Version 1:

No longer supplied

  • Red 12V+
  • Black GND
  • White CAN H
  • Green CAN L
  • Yellow K-Line
  • Blue-Green GPT1
  • Yellow-Red / Yellow-Brown GPT2
  • Purple VPP
  • Blue-CNF1
  • Grey BOOT

Version 2:

The adapter has reverse polarity protection.
Power supply LED indicator (Green)
Power supply for ECU LED indicator (Red)
Boot mode LED indicator (Blue)
Automatic power supply switching for ECU by (L-line)
Automatic generation of BOOT/CNF (for module 53 )

    • Red 12V+
    • Black GND
    • White CAN H
    • Green CAN L
    • Yellow-Black (with Green insulation) K-Line
    • Yellow GPT1 (with Yellow insulation)
    • Orange GPT2 (with Yellow insulation)
    • Blue-CNF1 (1K Ohm)
    • Grey BOOT (1K Ohm)
    • Brown BOOT2 (1K Ohm)
    • Purple VPP