Cable with automatic power control suitable for using Scanmatik with BENCH and BOOT protocols.

Compatible BitBox MG1/MD1 BENCH module and PCMFlash modules 53/71.

(We have sold 2 versions of this cable, using different colours for connections)

Version 1 (1 LED):

No longer supplied!

  • Red 12V+
  • Black GND
  • White CAN H
  • Green CAN L
  • Yellow K-Line
  • Blue-Green GPT1
  • Yellow-Red / Yellow-Brown GPT2
  • Purple VPP
  • Blue-CNF1
  • Grey BOOT

Version 2 (3 LED):

The adapter has reverse polarity protection.
Power supply LED indicator (Green)
Power supply for ECU LED indicator (Red/Orange)
Boot mode LED indicator (Blue)
Automatic power supply switching for ECU via L-line
Automatic generation of BOOT/CNF (for PCMFlash module 53)

NEW: Connection wires are now individually labelled to avoid wrong connections.

    • Red 12V+
    • Black GND
    • White CAN H
    • Green CAN L
    • Pink K-Line (or Yellow-Black with Green insulation on early version)
    • Yellow GPT1
    • Orange GPT2
    • Blue-CNF1 (1K Ohm)
    • Grey BOOT1 (1K Ohm)
    • Brown BOOT2 (1K Ohm)
    • Purple VPP