Software module to flash Bosch MG1 / MD1 ECUs using the NXP MPC5577 processor, fitted to BMW Fxx/Gxx cars through the diagnostic connector. 

Module allows:

  • Identification
  • Virtual reading
  • Actual reading if file not found on server
  • Checksum and CVN fix on writing
  • DTC reading / clearing

No need to dismount, open or drill the ECU – FULL OBD2 solution.

*A BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle and BMW OBD-ENET cable are required in order to use this software!


BMW Fxx/Gxx Bosch MG1 MPC5777 ENET (FID: 160)

BMW Fxx/Gxx Bosch MD1 MPC5777 ENET (FID: 161)


For full info please view the product page here.