SpiderBOOT Features:

SpiderBOOT is a small circuit to be fitted into electronic control units. SpiderBOOT is provided with a high temperature, heat resistant  adhesive insuring safe anchorage to the microprocessor. SpiderBOOT terminals are configurable allowing the user to achieve the signals from the microprocessor in order to emulate BOOT equipments through the OBD diagnostic socket.


  • Once installed and mounted, the ECU can be sealed with no need to re-open to make changes or to restore to the original software. This will insure and preserve ECU from any unwanted water infiltration.
  • Read and write, possible on all areas: IROM/XROM/E2P
  • Saving of control unit backup
  • Writing Backup to restore the unit to its original
  • The OBD programming counters are not incremented
  • Invisible to the official diagnosis tools
  • Recovery always possible.
  • Rates of reading and writing reduced to a few minutes (always less than 5min)
  • Checksum is automatic on calibration areas

Special Functions:

Protection of files – SpiderBOOT has a setup menu that allows the tuner to choose between the following options: protection from OBD reading, OBD writing, restricted access to their ID. This allows you to avoid reading or unauthorized reprogramming, including manufactures settings. To ensure total protection you need to seal the unit so that no one can have access to it. This can be done by using NON acetic silicon or potting epossidicresins for electronic use.

SpiderBOOT can only be initialized once and can not be re-used for another ecu.

It is currently available for TriCore Infineon. A BDM version will soon be available for units equipped with Motorola processors 5xx

SpiderBOOT is a registered trademark of Flashtec SA, it is PATENTED and protected by International Laws.

Tutorial Videos:

Assembly Tutorial Tuners Tutorial