BitBox Toyota Denso Gen2 CAN Module

BitBox Toyota Denso Gen2 CAN Module

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Software module to flash Toyota Denso Gen2 (NewGen) ECUs used in Toyota and Lexus petrol and diesel vehicles.

It allows identification, reading/virtual reading and writing of the flash memory and also supports automatic correction of checksums while writing. This module supports 2 protocol types.

*The J2534 Tactrix Openport 2.0 interface and a BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle are required in order to use this software!


TYPE 1 (FID: 23, 27) – Allowed Full Flash READING and WRITING Toyota&Lexus petrol vehicles with 2.0 6ARFSE, 2.0T 8ARFTS, 1.2T 8NRFTS, 3.5 2GRFKS, 3.5 7GRFSE etc. engines via P5-CAN-bus.

Engine MCU D76F0196F1 1536Kb
Engine MCU D76F0219F1 2048Kb
Transmission MCU D76F0199GD 1280Kb

Also this FID allows to set READ PROTECTION PATCH which will disable ECU reading and will protect your MOD files from stole.

Supported vehicles

Lexus NX 200t AGZ1#
Lexus IS 200t ASE30
Lexus GS 200t ARL10
Lexus RX 200t AGL2#
Lexus RC 200t ASC10
Lexus ES 200 ASV61
Toyota Auris 1.2t NRE185
Toyota Camry 2.0 ASV51
Toyota Crown 2.0t
Toyota Tacoma 3.5 GRN3##
Lexus GS 350 GRL1#
Lexus RX 350 GGL2#
Toyota Highlander 2.0t ASU5#
Toyota C-HR 1.2t NGX##

Supported engines

2.0 6AR-FSE
2.0 8AR-FTS
1.2 8NR-FTS
3.5 2GR-FKS
3.5 7GR-FSE
3.5hyb 8GR-FXS
1.8hyb 2ZR-FXE


TYPE 2 (FID: 28) – Allowed FullFlash VIRTUAL READING and WRITING with CS and CVN correction for Toyota&Lexus diesel and NA petrol vehicles with 2.8TD 1GDFTV, 2.4TD 2GDFTV, 4.0 1GRFE, 2.7 2TRFE, 2NRFE, 3ZRFAE engines. Writing possible ONLY if we have file for your vehicle on our server
VR File list

We will not respond to the claims about the inability to read a file from our server if we do not have it. Supported files list can be found here.

Engine MCU D76F0199GD 1280Kb
Engine MCU D76F0196F1 1536Kb
Engine MCU D76F0219F1 2048Kb

Supported vehicles

Toyota C-HR ZGX10L
Toyota HiLUX GUN##
Toyota LC150 Prado GDJ##, GRJ15#
Toyota Tacoma TRN2##
Toyota Yaris 1.5 NSP151
Lexus RC-F USC10
Lexus GS-F URL10
Lexus RX450h GYL2#

Supported engines

4.0 1GRFE
2.7 2TRFE
5.0 2URGSE
1.5 2NRFE
2.0 3ZRFAE


For full info please view the product page here.

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