bFlash Update V2007C – VAG MD1/MG1

VAG MD1/MG1 solution by OBD!



How fast is it?
The calibration write time is around 45 seconds.
The first flash takes between 5 min to 7 min depending on the platform.
Reading is virtual read

Can I flash back to original?
Yes, back to stock feature is available!


What about the flash counters?
Flash counters are reset and fixed to 0 after first flash.


Do I need to buy an extra bFlash module?
Of course not! This protocol is active now, for all users.


What control units are included in this bFlash update?
You can find the full list of control units below.

New OBD Protocols:


MG1CS001 MPC5777
MG1CS002 MPC5777
MG1CS011 MPC5777

MG1CS011 MPC5777

Flashing, datalogging & diagnostics.

All in one tool!

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