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bFlash Slave

bFlash Slave

£2,500.00 Exc. tax

SLAVE tool, works in conjunction with a linked Master.

This tool uses an annual subscription model for updates, support and online services. The first year is included, value 600 euros.

A valid subscription is mandatory for use.


SLAVE bFlash, bDiag, bLog, bSpy software plugins

  • Read/write files from the linked Master ONLY
  • OBD, BENCH, BOOT, BDM, JTAG protocols
  • Hardware interface and USB cable
  • OBD cable + OBD Y-cable
  • Direct ECU + TCU cables, tripod + boot pin 
  • 12V Power supply (Multi plug UK/EU/AU/US)
  • Heavy duty carry case
  • Supported ECU list here


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bFlash is truly an all-in-one tool and comes packed with a complete set of exclusive software features required for professional ECU reprogramming.

An all new tool combines multiple functions in one platform. bFlash is not only a flash tool but also has several other functions which makes this a very powerful and unique device.

Thanks to intelligent hardware design which utilises a 3 core 160 Mhz processor, bFlash is future proof and ready to work in OBD CAN / K-line, BDM, BOOT, DoIP Ethernet, FLEXRAY, JTAG and many more protocols!


bFlash – ECU Reprogramming

bFlash is a highly advanced and extremely reliable ECU programming tool.

It can read and write a variety of different ECU types in OBD, BENCH, BOOT, BDM and JTAG.

bFlash ECU selection overview:

bFlash in OBD mode:

bFlash in BENCH mode (Super fast reading/writing of MEDC17 ECUs):

bFlash in BOOT mode:

bDiag – Car Diagnostics

bDiag supports reading and clearing of DTCs, not only in generic OBD2 mode but also most brands are covered using native manufacturer specific codes with descriptions.

bLog – Datalogging

bLog is an ultra fast data logger allowing access to manufacturer specific real time parameters. Logging parameters can be customised by the user, or simply use the preset options which include the most commonly used values.

bManager will automatically convert the raw data log in easy-to-use 2D graphs that will help you analyse the values quickly or share them with others. The integrated analytics tool allows you to customise views, axis, scaling and parameters enabling the user to examine data logs in more detail.

bLog in action:


bLog analytics tool:

bSpy – Vehicle network analysis

bDiag is a vehicle network spy tool, allowing you to trace virtually any bus communication in the car. It can be used for troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair but a more practical example of it’s use would be the capability to trace and save the communication and files that the OEM diagnostic tool is sending to the car during a software update at the dealership


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