With Nexus BDM you need to unplug the ECU from the vehicle, open and connect it to CMDFlash using a connector available on the Nexus ECU. The Software allow you to read/write the Eprom, the internal firmware and the serial e2prom containing the car’s codes.

Checksum correction algorithm is automatic for all the ECU families, this means you don’t have to care about checksums calculations.

With this tool it is possible to read all the ecu’s eprom, even after a bad file is programmed, system hang or an interrupted write operation it is always possible to restart the program operation to restore the ECU and start the car. All the ECU data can be stored in a single file with additional info like brand, model, plague, chassis number, data, note, customer ….. with search facilities and information directly integrated in microsoft windows explorer.


The CMDFlash Nexus Kit includes:

  • CMDFlash Nexus P&E interface
  •  MPC005,MPC005-1,MPC005-2 probes
  • BDM Flat Cable
  • CMDFlash Nexus Plugin
  • RSA checksums for all the ECU

* Please note that no BDM Frame is included with this plugin, however it can be added at extra cost here *