Software module to edit calibrations of the Dodge, Fiat and Jeep models fitted with 1.4 T-Jet turbocharged petrol engine and Marelli 8Gx ECUs.

The following maps are available for editing:

Power and torque limitation maps, relative power request and power tables for different operation mode, idle speed control, phase of injection, engine speed limitation, target manifold pressure, manifold pressure recovery maps, compressor pressure ratio for overspeed protection, manifold pressure limitation maps, throttle pressure reduction maps for limitation boost, wastegate operation maps, base spark advance, spark advance for maximal torque, minimal spark advance, spark advance for maximal torque with corrections, target lambda for hot and cold engine, target lambda at WOT, throttle valve position calculation maps and DTC mask. See screenshots for more info!

BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle is required in order to use this software!


For full info please view the product page here.