We are today introducing significant innovations regarding KESSv2 and K-TAG, which will provide new functionalities and tools to improve your work on many vehicles.

K-Suite Functionalities

We solved some critical issues, speeded up the software – noticeably more effective – and introduced two major functionalities which will enhance your work.

Virtual Reading for KESSv2 Slave

From now on, the Virtual Reading function will be available even for all the Slave Tools, with an active subscription. This means that, after reading the ID of the ECU, even Slave customers will be able to provide to the Master the correct encoded original file. If the Slave Tool hasn’t an active subscription, this opportunity will be precluded and the procedure remains the same: the research of the encoded file will be available only for the Master.

Automatic identification of the protocol for KESSv2 Master and Slave tools

From today using the K-Suite software, for all the protocols with Virtual Reading (VR) function, the automatic Identification of the protocol is activated for both Master and Slave customers. Once the Identification of the ECU (ID of the ECU) is carried out and the protocol is selected, K-Suite warns you if the selected protocol is incorrect, highlighting the correct one. In doing this, your work will be faster, especially during the firsts important steps.

New protocols for KESSv2 and K-TAG


From now on, you’ll be able to work via OBD (Patch with K-TAG necessary) on the Volvos equipped with Bosch EDC17CP22, Bosch EDC17CP48 and Bosch EDC17CP68, as 2015 Volvo XC60.
Also, new protocol via OBD (Patch with K-TAG necessary) even for Mercedes equipped with ECU Delphi CRD3E.1 e Delphi CRD3P, for example 2017 Mercedes GLA.


Microcontrollers involved in this update:

  • BDM MPC5xx


The update involves not only Cars, but also Bikes, Truck and Tractors, some of these vehicles are brand new and awaited:

  • BMW Motorrad R 1200 RT
  • BMW Motorrad R 1200 GS
  • Mercedes Truck Actros
  • Western Star 4700 Series

Possible connections on KESSv2 and K-TAG


OBD OBD Patch OBD Password OBD Virtual Reading Boot OBD Boot
Direct Connection


News for KESSv2 and K-TAG


Vehicle Ecu ECU Version Micro Make Method
Bosch EDC17CP05 TC1797 Ford
Bosch EDC17CP22 TC1796 Volvo
Bosch EDC17CP48 TC1797 Volvo
Bosch EDC17CP68 TC1797 Volvo
Bosch ME17.5.22 TC1724 VAG
Bosch ME17.9.71 TC1724 PSA
Bosch MED17.0.7 TC1767 Ford
Bosch MEVD17.8.4 TC1797 BMW
Continental SIMOS12 TC1797 VAG
Continental SIMOS18 TC1791 VAG
Delphi CRD3.E1 TC1793 Mercedes Benz
Delphi CRD3P TC1793 Mercedes Benz
Delphi DCM6.2AP Hyundai
Delphi DCM6.2AP Kia
Denso 275036-6941 Toyota
Denso 275036-7581 Toyota
Bosch ME17.2.4 BMS-MP TC1793 BMW
Mitsubishi F8T86571 Mitsubishi
Mitsubishi 33920-98J80 Suzuki
Mitsubishi E6T32xxx Mitsubishi
Motorola CM2250 Cummins Tigercat
Bosch DCU15 DAF
Bosch EDC17C49 TC1797 Aebi Schmidt
Bosch EDC7C1 International
Continental CM2250 Peterbilt
Continental HDEP MCM2.1 TC1797 Mercedes Benz Truck
Delphi DCM3.7AP Case IH
Delphi DCM3.7AP Doosan
Delphi DCM3.7AP New Holland
Motorola CM570 Terex Atlas Cummins


Gearbox | News!


Vehicle Make Model Ecu Gearbox
Fendt 300 Vario Bosch REXROTH SRC 9-34

New protocols for ACM (Aftertreatment Control Module)

We introduced two new protocols for the ACMs. These are dedicated to the management of anti-pollution systems and additional services, as the DPF filter, the reduction of pollutant system ADBlue and, generally, other secondary functions not related to the Engine Control Unit.

The engine of a Truck is extremely complex due to its dimension, so an ECU just dedicated to “services” becomes necessary: that’s the reason why we decided to deal with it.

The involved ECUs are

Vehicle Ecu ECU Version Micro Make Method
Temic ACM2.1/AT25256 TC1796 Mercedes Benz
Continental ACM Volvo

New cables for K-TAG protocols

Moreover, we’ve added in our catalogue two new Truck cables dedicated to Mercedes.

Here’s the details

144300T112 – Connection cable for Mercedes Truck Continental HDEP MCM2.1 Ecus

144300T113 – Connection cable for Mercedes Truck Temic ACM2.1

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