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VF2 Flasher Master FULL

£4,000.00 Exc. tax

MASTER tool, reads/writes open BIN files.

This tool uses an annual subscription model for updates, support and online services. The first year is included, value 800 euros.

A valid subscription is mandatory for use.




VF2 Flasher package MASTER version with all the available modules/protocols included.

A MASTER tool always reads/writes open files (.BIN/.ORI). An unlimited number of SUB/SLAVE tools can be linked to it to form a tuning network.


Package includes:calca

  • VF2 Flasher tool MASTER
  • Power adapter with EU cord
  • Set of flexible banana cables and blue boot pen
  • Regular IDC16 
  • Multicolored  IDC16
  • IDC16-IDC10 flat cable adapter
  • Set of 5 soldering BDM adapters
  • Set of  soldering Toy1 and Toy2 adapters 
  • VF2 Flasher OBD cable
  • USB cable type A to type B, 1m
  • ESD protective shielding bag
  • VF2 Flasher plastic protective foam padded case


Modules/Protocols included:

  • OBD
  • NEC 76F00xx (NBD) [Toyota/Scion/Lexus/Hino]
  • SH725xx (JTAG)
  • MPC5xxx NEXUS (JTAG)
  • SH705x (AUD/BSL)
  • MPC5xx (BDM)
  • MH7x/MH8x (BSL)
  • M32R/ECU (BSL/SPI)
  • MC68000 (BDM)
  • C167 (BSL)
  • ST10F (BSL)


Also included:

  • One year of technical support
  • One year of updates


Options accessories (Complete tooling box includes ALL) :

  • Universal Frame Kit For Bosch M/EDC17 (Tricore Module)
  • GPT/F-Series Cable (Tricore Module)
  • 2x Frame adapters for NEC 76F00xx (Toyota/Scion/Lexus/Hino)
  • Universal frame adapter base board (BDM & JTAG)
  • MED9/EDC16/EDC7 adapter for BDM/JTAG base board (BDM MPC5xx module)
  • Siemens/Marelli adapter for BDM/JTAG base board (BDM MPC5xx module)
  • Delphi/Motorola adapter for BDM/JTAG base board (BDM MPC5xx module)
  • Marelli JTAG adapter for BDM/JTAG base board(JTAG MPC5xxx module)
  • Frame adapter for Delphi DCM3.7 (SH725xx JTAG module)
  • ETAS frame adapter (SH725xx JTAG module)


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