The time has come. We released the long-awaited solution for Mercedes MD1/MG1 2020+ cars.

As leaders of the chiptuning industry, we are excited to provide you with the exclusive opportunity to tune Mercedes vehicles with the following engines:

OM654: 1.95D with MD1CP001 (MRD1/MRD1NFZ)

OM656: 2.9D with MD1CP001 (MRD1)

M139: 2.0T with MG1CP002 (MRG1)

M256: 3.0T with MG1CP002 (MRG1)

This release is special and different from regular updates. It is truly an exclusive solution and we would like to keep it protected for the sake of not letting the backdoor be exposed too soon. I invite you to carefully read the instructions below in order to get started.

We hope you and your customers will truly enjoy this Mercedes Unlock. Our bFlash engineers are working daily to bring you even more releases *cough-BIG-announcement-coming-cough*. Stay tuned!


Are you ready to be the first to offer chiptuning to your Mercedes customers? Then proceed to this page and read the instructions on how to get started.