New features and improvements!

An overview of what can be found in this public bèta:

> PART I – UI / UX update
> PART II – bDiag Update
> PART III – bLog Update
> PART IV – Dynomode – are you excited yet?
> PART V – bFlash Update with tons of new supported protocols

PART I – UI / UX Update 

– Improved navigation (keyboard shortcuts, switch between flash, diag, log on the same protocol,…)
– .MDF files are now associated with bFlash, you can double click for direct openning
– Automatic selection of the protocol for logger & diagnostic
– New logger interface : improved display, user configurable warnings, variables grouped by functions, variable name filter, …
– Logger native support for CCP/XCP on CAN/Mode 23 UDS and KWP
(expert feature : email support for detail)

PART II – bDiag Update 

– Update of the generic OBDII/SAE definitions to 2020 descriptions
– Added Ford UDS diagnostics for MED17, EDC17, MG1 and MD1
– Added VAG UDS diagnostics for MED17, EDC17, MG1 and MD1
– Added Porsche 9×1 SDI9 diagnostics
– Added Porsche 9×1 SDI21 diagnostics
– Added Porsche 992 MG1CP007 diagnostics

PART III – bLog Update 

Here are the most important improvements :

– Update of all old loggers (yes, all of them !)
– Added specific logger for Porsche SDI21.1/2/3
– Added specific logger for Porsche MG1CP007
– Added specific logger for VAG PCR2.1
– Added specific logger for VAG EDC17C46/C54/C64/C74/CP44/CP54
– Added specific logger for VAG MD1CS004/MD1CP004/MD1CP014


Some of our users have greatly helped us with the development of this feature, now it’s here and available for everyone!

This brand new unique feature is available for :

– McLaren P11 / P13 / P14
– Porsche 9×1.1 / 9×1.2 / 992
– Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW UDS

Watch our introductory teaser here:

We have also included a step-by-step tutorial below:

[Dynomode is an advanced feature designed for use by trained technicians on adequate testing equipment]

PART V – bFlash new protocols

When new protocols are the least important information of the newsletter, you know it’s good! Please find below a small (and incomplete) overview of old protocol improvements, followed by an overview of newly supported ECU’s/TCU’s.

Improvement: Ford protocol automatic recognition of control unit at reading/writing time.

Improvement: Ford protocol allows application software reflash for MG1CS015/016/017/019, MEDG17.0, EMS24xx, EMS25xx, EDC17CP42 and EDC17CP65. Other models to follow!

Improvement: Ford protocol now automatically detects area to reflash (unchanged areas are skipped).

Improvement: Ford protocol now supports compressed flash (faster flash) for MG1CS015/016/017/019 and EDC17CP65.