bFlash Update V1912A – Porsche SDI21 full OBD!

Porsche SDI21 full OBD!!

This protocol allows virtual reading and writing of the engine(s) found below:

4 cyl : 2.0T & 2.5T (718)
6 cyl : 3.0T & 3.8T (991.2)
Also includes the new 991.2 GT2RS


How do I connect to the ECU?
You connect directly through the OBD socket.


Do I need to unlock the ECU first?
No BOOT or BENCH unlock is required. Unlock is done over OBD!


How fast is it ?
Reading is a Virtual Read in a matter of seconds.
The write time is around 7 min.(approx) for the first time.
Next calibration update is done in 1 min. 30 seconds. (approx)


Can I use file read with other tools?
As a dummy proof protection feature, you can only use bFlash watermarked vread’s.
Never try to program BOOT read or virtual read from other tools!


What control units (TCU’s) are included in this bFlash update?
You can find the full list of control units below.

New OBD Protocols:


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