bFlash Update V1910A

Bench protocols for Temic based TCU’s!

These new protocols allow full read and write of the Transmission Unit.
Internal flash memory, Internal EEPROM and external EEPROM can be read & written.



Do I need to buy an extra bFlash module ?
Of course not! This protocol is active now, for all our active users.


How fast is it ?
Based on the TCU model, read times goes from 25 seconds up to 1 min 45.
Classic tuning file flash will be carried out in under 30 seconds, full cloning will be around 5 minutes.


How do I connect to the TCU ?
Our technical partner Chiptuningshop has developed a wide range of cable and quick adapters.
The recommended minimum is the universal TCU bench cable (GC-10001):


What if I want to save time and use a premade quick TCU cable ?
That is also possible! Have a look at the wide range of direct connection cables:


What control units (TCU’s) are included in this bFlash update?
You can find the full list of control units below.

New TCU Bench protocols:

DL382 TC1784
DL501.g1 TC1766
DL501.g2 TC1784
DQ200.MQB TC1766
DQ200.g2 TC1784
DQ250.MQN TC1766
VL381 TC1766

VGS2-FDCT.g1 TC1766
VGS2-FDCT.g2 TC1784

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