bFlash Update V1908A

MD1/MG1 phase 1 – Aurix Public Beta


The first update for MG1/MD1 is now in public beta. Please find an overview of all new protocols below.
Stay tuned for phase 2 with MPC5777M based ECU’s!

New MD1/MG1 AURIX Bench protocols:

Bosch MD1CS004 TC298
Bosch MD1CP014 TC298
Bosch MG1CS002IFX TC298
Bosch MG1CS008 TC298

Bosch MD1CP014 TC298
Bosch MG1CS008 TC298

Bosch MD1CS001IFX TC298
Bosch MG1CS024 TC298
Bosch MG1CS201 TC298
Bosch MG1CS201MS TC298

Bosch MD1CS003 TC298
Bosch MG1CS042 TC298

Bosch MD1CS006 TC298

Bosch MD1CS005 TC298
Bosch MG1CS015 TC277
Bosch MG1CS016 TC277
Bosch MG1CS017E TC298
Bosch MG1CS017F TC298

Bosch MG1CS008 TC298

Bosch MD1CS006 TC298

Bosch MD1CS003 TC298

Bosch MD1CS003 TC298
Bosch MG1CS042 TC298

Bosch MG1CP007 TC298
Bosch MG1CS002IFX TC298
Bosch MG1CS008 TC298

Bosch MG1CS024 TC298

Bosch MG1CS024 TC298

Bosch MD1CP014 TC298

bFlash Updates:

  • New User Interface

  • bLog for MG1 Audi

  • Improved Log Review

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Take a look at our full changelog below!

As you know bFlash is continuously being improved by our engineers.
Here’s our latest changelog of 17/08/2019 for your convenience.

TIP: Always keep on auto update to ensure optimal performance!

User Interface Changes

  • The user interface has been completely reworked for a better look and a reduced ram footprint.
  • Tooltips & icons have been added for most buttons making life easier for new users.
  • Pardon my french ? User interface can now be set to French. More languages will soon follow.
  • Keyboard navigation has been improved, especially useful for datalogging with bLog.
  • Interface connection & disconnection status have been enhanced.
  • The protocol selection logic has been improved. It is now possible to see all methods available (OBD/BENCH/BOOT) for a given control unit.
  • New protocols are now shown in the protocol selection menu.

  • A new beta system will make deployment of beta protocols and beta loggers easier.

API Changes

  • Our bFlash hardware API has been reworked to reduce CPU usage and save battery life

bLog Changes

  • Real time data is now displayed during datalogging, as well as minimum and maximum values.
  • Log review module has been rewritten completely for increased performance and more stability.

  • New visualisation mode has been added to the log review module, right click on the graph to discover our new features.
  • A select all/select none has been added to speed up log review.
  • It is now possible to drag & drop bFlash datalog file (.mdf) into the log review module.
  • Export to PDF/Print function has been reworked in the log review module.
  • It is now possible to export a bFlash datalog file (.mdf) to both excel .csv and WinOLS .ObdAnalyser for log replay.

  • Volkswagen-Audi group MG1/MD1 logger has been added.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • We decided to go for a very simple keyboard navigation system that can be applied to every page of our bFlash software.

ESC – Previous page

ENTER – Continue

F1 – 1st button

F2 – 2nd button

F3 – 3rd button

F4 – 4th button

F10 – Return to main page

F11– Full screen

F12– Settings


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