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  • MASTER tool, reads/writes open BIN files. Standalone version can not manage slaves. This tool has no annual fees. Updates and technical support are free!
  • EVC OLS300

    £2,150.00 Exc. tax

    BRAND NEW EVC OLS300 Emulator, only 1 unit available!

  • Out of stock

    Sorry, this tool is now sold!

    • VAG FRF/ODX/SGO flasher
    • BOOT/BENCH Interface for all supported processors ST10,C167,RENESAS,TRICORE,TC29x,MPC5777.
    • Motorola BDM - MPC5xx
    • Read and write encrypted SLAVE files
    • One year free subscription ( value 1100CHF)
    • NEW! Unrestricted slave option allows user to work any master
    *NEXUS MPC55xx BDM, positioning frames with adapters and Industrial Vehicles are not included
  • Used bFlash Master

    £3,800.00 Exc. tax

    Used bFlash master tool, includes new 1 year subscription and transfer of ownership

    MASTER tool, reads/writes open BIN files. This tool uses an annual subscription model for updates, support and online services. The first year is included, value 600 euros. A valid subscription is mandatory for use.

    MASTER bFlash, bDiag, bLog, bSpy software plugins

    • Read/write master open binary files
    • OBD, BENCH, BOOT, BDM, JTAG protocols
    • Hardware interface and USB cable
    • OBD cable + OBD Y-cable
    • Direct ECU cable, tripod + boot pin 
    • 12V Power supply (Multi plug UK/EU/AU/US)
    • Heavy duty carry case
    • Supported ECU list here

    Upcoming plugins available at extra cost upon release: bTrace, bManager, bCloud

  • Used Autotuner Master

    £3,800.00 Exc. tax
    MASTER tool, reads/writes open BIN files. This tool has no annual fees. Updates and technical support are free and transfer of ownership is included with the sale!

    Used Autotuner Master tool in great condition. Comes complete with standard accessories.

    Also includes additional cable for EDC16 bench protocols.

  • Sale!


    £7,500.00 Exc. tax
    We are selling this tool on behalf of a client. Please be aware this is a used tool and showing some signs of wear (see photos)

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