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Used Equipment

  • Sale!

    MAGPro2 X17 OBD BOOT ENET Master

    Original price was: £4,000.00.Current price is: £1,595.00. Exc. tax


    • BRAND NEW, limited supply...surplus stock to clear!
    • 2 year warranty included
    • Supports engine & gearbox controllers
    • TCU CLONING functions
    • AUTOMATIC CHECKSUM correction
    • RECOVERY capabilities in the event of unforeseen errors
    • BOSCH UNLOCK Plugin MAGP1.18 included
    • BMW Fxx ENET Cable for MAGPro2 X17 included
  • Sale!

    CMDFlash Unrestricted Slave FULL

    Original price was: £4,520.00.Current price is: £3,500.00. Exc. tax

    Brand new and unused open box tool!

    • VAG FRF/ODX/SGO flasher
    • BOOT/BENCH Interface for all supported processors ST10,C167,RENESAS,TRICORE,TC29x,MPC5777.
    • Motorola BDM - MPC5xx
    • Read and write encrypted SLAVE files
    • Active subscription included
    • NEW! Unrestricted slave option allows user to work any master
    *NEXUS MPC55xx BDM, positioning frames with adapters and Industrial Vehicles are not included
  • Used MPPS Package, consists of:

    • True Master OBD + Tricore Boot protocols.

    • Slave OBD + Tricore Boot protocols.

    • Virtual Master software (allows file decoding without the physical tool present).

    Both tools are complete with boot interface, cables, probes, power supply, carry case and in great condition!

    A great saving compared to the new cost of this package at £6000!

    This tool has no annual fees. Updates and technical support are free!
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