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  • Sale!

    HPTuners MPVI2 Interface & Datalogger

    £199.00 Exc. tax

    ** OPEN BOX unit to clear...

    MASTER tool, reads/writes files in .HPT format, compatible with VCM Editor. VCM Scanner -  Diagnostic and advanced real time data logger tool, which is completely free! VCM Editor - Flash tool and editor functions operate on a credit based licensing system.
    Credits are used as currency to purchase licenses for the different modules and  licensing a module gives you the ability to tune it. The number of credits necessary to purchase a license varies depending on the vehicle. You can find a complete list of supported vehicles and credit costs here.
  • MASTER tool, reads/writes open BIN files and supports slave management.
    • OBD + BOOT + ENET
    • BOSCH UNLOCK plugin MAGP1.18
    • Supports engine & gearbox controllers
    • Lifetime activation included
  • Used MPPS OBD True Master

    £1,895.00 Exc. tax
    MASTER tool, reads/writes open BIN files. True master version supports slave management. This tool has no annual fees. Updates and technical support are free!
  • Used EVC OLS300

    £1,950.00 Exc. tax

    Used OLS300 - 8 / 16 Bit simulator / monitor module, includes OLS344 adapter for PSOP44.

  • Used CMDFlash Slave FULL

    £2,475.00 Exc. tax
    CMDFlash FULL slave includes 1 year subscription. This tool is released and ready to be linked to a new master (transfer fee included)
    • VAG FRF/ODX/SGO flasher
    • BOOT/BENCH Interface for all supported processors ST10,C167,RENESAS,TRICORE,TC29x,MPC5777.
    • Motorola BDM - MPC5xx
    • Read and write encrypted SLAVE files
    • One year free subscription ( value 1100CHF)
    *NEXUS MPC55xx BDM, positioning frames with adapters and Industrial Vehicles are not included
  • Used Autotuner Master

    £3,795.00 Exc. tax
    MASTER tool, reads/writes open BIN files. This tool has no annual fees. Updates and technical support are free.

    Used Autotuner Master tool in perfect condition, includes:

    • Autotuner Master Flasher + Datalogging function
    • Standard OBD + USB cables
    • Universal cable + Universal box
    • Probe with positioner and cable
    • MEDC17 boot probe
    • Carrying case
    • Power adapter
    Add CTS Cables: Universal Micropins Cable | EDC16 ME(D)9 Cable | McLaren OBD Cable at reduced prices!
  • Master with Car + Bike OBD Protocols & DS Manager with checksums + Race EVO PLUS editor package.

    Includes active subscription until November 2022!

    This tool is complete and in very good condition!


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