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Used EVC OLS300

Used EVC OLS300

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Used OLS300 – 8 / 16 Bit simulator / monitor module in very good condition, includes:

  • OLS344 – Adapter for PSOP44
  • OLS332 – Adapter for OLS300 to 2x PLCC32. Can also be used for 1x PLCC32
  • EAD610 – Universal PSOP44 Socket

Out of stock

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From the experience with the OLS16 module we have created a new product, which fulfils even the increased demands which come up with new ECUs – the OLS300.

The list of eprom types will be enlarged permanently and starts with the standard PSOP44 eprom 28F100-400 and 29F100-800. Also at the OLS300 we can offer a free programmable pinout which makes it possible to simulate even unusual EPROM types. More eprom types will follow. The internal memory of 32 MBit will suffice for a long time.

Also the OLS300 module has got a monitor function that can show the fast successive processor hits. Your advantage: You can find and modify the different maps easier.

The connection to the computer is done over the actual USB port. It also provides the power supply. The build in Lithium Polymer Accu will be kept in standby mode. It provides offline operation for several hours.

For continuous operation and for fast recharge an additional power plug is integrated.

The firmware which is needed for operation will be updated by WinOLS automatically.

Technical data:

Access time for simulation and monitoring 50ns
Access time for changing data while the engine is running 50ns
Memory 4Mbyte =2MWord
Connection USB 1.1
Power supply Lithium Polymer Accu 1.7AH


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