This universal gearbox pin out cable allows you to connect easily and comfortably to most types transmission control units. Each wire is labelled to avoid wrong connections.

It features:

  • Chassis GND power connection via alligator clip (for TCUs without GND terminal in connector)
  • 7 x 12V TCU connectors
  • 7 x GND TCU connectors
  • 4 x CAN H TCU connectors
  • 4 x CAN L TCU connectors
  • 4 x K-Line TCU connectors

When coupled with our OBD2 adapter:

  • Female OBD2 plug allowing connection any OBD flash tool.
  • Power connections by 12V and GND crocodile clips (Power supply not included)
  • Switched Power (ON/OFF)
  • Internal 120Ω CAN bus termination