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WinOLS 5 Editor

WinOLS 5 Editor

£750.00£5,500.00 Exc. tax

Existing WinOLS4 users who wish to upgrade: CLICK HERE

This product uses an annual subscription model for updates. The first year is included, value 82.50 euros per machine license.

A valid subscription is not mandatory for use, however software updates and technical support will not be available.


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WinOLS is an application, which is written especially to modify the memory contents of ECUs.

It makes it easier to search and find maps, which can be named, displayed in several ways and be modified. All data and maps are stored in project files. These project files contain all information, which are gathered during the modification of the ECU. Additional data like customer name, license plate and pictures can be added.

Modifications of maps can be stored as ‘versions’ and can be commented. Up to 200 versions of one original file are possible.

All modified projects are shown in a list, which can be filtered and sorted. So it is easy to find an already modified project again.


  • The display of raw data takes place in 2D graphic or hex/decimal dump. Automatic processor detection to decide between code and data areas.
  • Functions to search for maps and to put them down on the map list makes efficient working a lot easier.
  • A 3D preview window makes it easier to find maps
  • Maps can be shown as 3D/2D chart or as a table.
  • Automatic search of ECU and software numbers.
  • You can select either English or German as the interface language and switch between these.
  • The concept of the integrated checksum correction has been kept up. By using DLL files the algorithms were moved out of the main program and thus are independent of the version used.
  • Import and export of binary files, Intel and Motorola-Hexfiles. All types can be zipped, coded and have swapped lines or be sent directly by mail.

More speed, more RAM and dark mode:

If you have many / large projects, WinOLS 5 is considerably faster. In the project list, when connecting and generally when working with maps.

WinOLS 5 brings true 64-bit, so there is always enough RAM available.

WinOLS 5 now supports a dark mode for the user interface.

New features:

  • Edit > Smooth values
  • Window > Command line (dockable dialog)
  • Window > Window List (dockable dialog)
  • In the Project Open dialog you can use the Options button to assign background colors depending on the project icon
  • Data type Float 64
  • A map database for the automatic naming of maps: Youtube


  • A preview when importing .kp files
  • Differences dialog: New option key with new functions
  • Map axis profiles now support groups, so you can assign Map+x+y in one go
  • Project properties > Some ECU popup menus contain links to the online dealer locator


New update policy:

There is a lot of development work in WinOLS 5 and we are planning many great features for the future. Therefore, after 20 years of delivering updates and features for free, we have to introduce an annual update fee from now on.

The price of the update to WinOLS 5 includes updates and new features for 1 year. Customers who have purchased WinOLS in the last 6 months will receive the update to WinOLS 5 free of charge.


  • WinOLS 5 requires Windows 10, 64 bit.
  • WinOLS 5 supports current EVC hardware like UCM100, BDM100, BSL100, OLS300. Megaprommer MP2240P and OLS16 are no longer supported.
  • WinOLS 5 can be installed and used in parallel with WinOLS 4 and uses the same license, i.e. you do not need another license for a WinOLS 5 installation on a computer where WinOLS 4 is already installed. Also the .ols file format remains the same.

Further development:

  • WinOLS 4 will continue to be maintained for 2 years, i.e. bugs will be corrected, but no new features will be added.
  • All checksums will be updated further, in parallel as 32-bit WinOLS 4 as well as 64-bit WinOLS 5 version.

Map search:
The automatic map search finds maps and shows them in a list and also directly in the data:



The preview window can be freely moved and sized and shows the selection as 3d-map:



Automatically overview:
Program code, empty areas, maps etc. will automatically be recognized. An overview window shows, where you can find what in the file. Program code and empty areas will automatically be shown pale.



Automatic checksums:
Every checksum module automatically recognises if it can be used and corrects the checksums immediately after every change (checksum modules must be purchased separately). Even in real-time while the car is running. If you don’t have the right module yet, the push of a button is enough and online all existing checksum modules will be tested for your project. This way you know for sure which module is the right one. Modules can be purchase online around the clock. You will receive your module within minutes.



Digital signatures as watermarks:

You can sign your projects with tiny changes in the data to recognize copies. You can choose if you want the signatures to be visible for everybody or just for you. The text cannot be seen in the data, but can only be displayed with WinOLS.

WinOLS_sign hexdump


Free choice of colour:
WinOLS has 3 predefined colour schemes and you can configure your own individual colours, of course.



More features:

  • Original and version: For every project the original is stored permanently. Changes will be stored as version (the number of versions is not limited). Changes are displayed in colour and you can restore the original values any time.
  • Multilevel undo: Up to 50 editing steps can be undone.
  • Scripts for pros: If you work with similar cars, you can store the changes as scripts. This allows you to apply the changes for every new car within seconds.
  • Automatic comments: You can enter comments for every project and every version. Further more they are automatically commented when you import or create new versions.
  • Online project search: Our online-database can automatically fill in the fields like producer, chassis, etc. Several other fields, like Bosch number will even be filled in automatically when you’re offline.
  • Complete overview: The project overview shows all your projects in a configurable and searchable list. Within the fraction of a second, even if you have hundreds of projects.
  • Versions: For every project you can create as many versions as like. The version over shows which maps are changed in which version.
  • Open for other projects: WinOLS can import and export binary data, Intel- and Motorola-Hexfiles. Entire maps and the map list can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Maps can be ex and imported from a project.
  • Accept changes: Copy the best changes from old projects. Even if the maps were moved to a different position, they will still be automatically recognized.
  • Extensive help: Texts in the status bar, tool tips for the icons, Instructions for every dialog. WinOLS keeps you informed which every step. Furthermore you can download the entire documentation as PDF here.
  • Many other features. Too many to list all of them here…

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