Software module for editing calibrations of Bosch EDC17CP09 ECUs of diesel BMW vehicles. Supported file size 4MB.

The following maps are available for editing:

Airmass: desired airmass flow with enabled and disabled EGR, maximal airmass flow, airmass correction
Boost control: boost controller duty cycle base, in regeneration, in double injection mode, with disabled EGR, maximal boost controller duty cycle
Boost pressure: boost pressure limitation, desired boost pressure base, in regeneration, in double injection mode, with disabled EGR, with closed bypass
DPF: Enable switches for DPF, regeneration lookup mask, exhaust sensor scaling and check conditions
EGR control: thresholds for enable/disable EGR
EGT Sensors: EGT sensors scalings, switches and check conditions
Injection: injection quantity from torque conversion maps, injector opening time, post injection quantity
Rail pressure: Rail pressure base, at idle, rail pressure limiters, P, I components for flow regulator, injection flow regulator map, rail pressure regulator maps
Start: engine speed after start, start torque, minimal engine speed
Start of injection: base start of injection angle for main injection, time component between Pi1 and Pi2
Target lambda for smoke limitation
Torque limitation: torque limitation inner/outer torque, powertrain torque, conditional torque limitation from EGT, exhaust pressure, fuel temperature, torque limitation in system errors.
Torque monitoring: torque limitation in monitoring mode, accelerator pedal for monitoring
Requested torque: requested torque from accelerator pedal base, requested torque correction factors from coolant and atmospheric pressure
DTC editor

BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle is required in order to use this software!


Please note, this product is an map editor only and does not allow you to read/write the ECU, for reflashing software >>click here<<

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