Package of software modules allows editing and tuning of Denso ECUs used in Toyota Lexus & Scion cars.

Toyota Denso Diesel Full:
Package of 5 modules including Toyota Denso Diesel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Allows editing of diesel Toyota vehicles with Denso ECUs. 10% saving on purchase!

Toyota Denso Petrol Full:
Package of 9 modules including Toyota Denso Petrol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Toyota Denso OLD, Petrol Turbo, Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ Denso SH72531 modules. Allows editing of petrol Toyota, Lexus, Scion vehicles with Denso ECUs. 10% saving on purchase!

Toyota Denso All:
Set of modules includes packages Toyota Denso Petrol Full + Toyota Denso Diesel Full +Gearbox module . 15% saving on purchase!

BitEdit is software package for editing automotive ECU calibrations and allows you to change the most dynamic options of the engine. Once you have opened the ECU flash file, BitEdit will proceed to identification and then show a list of calibrations that can be edited. After changes have been completed you can export the tuned file ready for writing. BitEdit is suitable for both beginners and professional tuners.


BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle is required in order to use this software!

Please note, this product is an map editor only and does not allow you to read/write the ECU.

For full info please view the product page here.