Software module for editing calibrations of Bosch ME17.8.8 and Bosch ME17.8.8.1 ECUs of petrol naturally aspirated and turbocharged vehicles from the Chinese market.

The following maps are available for editing:

Air control: airmass flow through throttle valve, throttle valve position, accelerator pedal map
Boost: wastegate duty cycle target/linerisation, P-controller, regulation basis, boost limitations
Exhaust gas temperature
Idle: desired idle speed AT/MT, desired idle speed with A/C, minimal idle speed
Knock control: knock sensor sensetivity per cyliner, retardation step, retardation recovery
Limiters: engine speed limitation
Spark advance: base spark advance, minimal spark advance, optimal spark advance, spark advance correction from almbda
Switch operation modes: requested torque threshold to enter full load, throttle position for full load detection
Target lambda: target lambda at part load, full load, acceleration, warm up, delay before entering acceleration, delta correction
Torque limitation: monitoring torque limitation, offset tolerance for allowed torque, maximal torque
Torque model: driver requested torque, optimal indicated torque, target air filling from torque, ignition angle efficiency, indicated torque limitation, lambda efficiency, minimal efficiency
VVT: intake camshaft position
Fan control: switching on/off coolant
Injector control: injection end timing
DTC mask editor


BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle is required in order to use this software!

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