AMT BDM is a universal BDM programmer for ECUs using the Motorola MPC5xx processor.

The software automatically detects the processor and memory types, which simplifies the process for the user. Access to the available memories is then granted, the software allows you to individually read / write the desired data.

Included with the AMT BDM programmer are the following probes:

  • BDM1 – 10 pin Siemens probe (port pitch 1.27mm) – Siemens SID201, SID202, SID203, SID204, SID206, SID803, MS45, MSS65, MSV70, MSS70. Bosch ME9.7, EDC7.
  • BDM2 – 10 pin Delphi probe (port pitch 2.54mm) – Jaguar/Ford 2.0TDCI.
  • BDM3 – 14 pin Bosch probe (port pitch 2.54mm) – All Bosch.
  • BDM4 – 10 pin Siemens/Marelli probe (port pitch 1.27mm) – Marelli, Siemens PPD, Siemens MSS65.
  • BDM7 – 10 pin Delphi probe (port pitch 2.54mm) – Mercedes Benz / Kia / Ssangyong Delphi DCM3.2.
AMT BDM has no annual fees, or subscriptions. Updates are free!