• Added Opel Vivaro EDC16 to the Database.
  • Added CRD3.1 checksum to MPPS.
  • Added PSA/Ford DCM3.5 eeprom R/W.
  • Added PSA DCM 3.4 R/W/Cks.
  • Added Smart ME7.7.0 EEprom boot mode.
  • VAG ME7.5 – Special mode added R/W/Cks Kline
  • VAG ME7.5 – Special mode added R/W/Cks Eeprom Kline
  • VAG MEDC17 drives will now show if the ecu has been OBD unlocked.
  • Updated Volvo ME7 checksum both internal and external.
  • Corrected Volvo ME7 comms problem.
  • Corrected Volvo EDC15C11 comms problem.
  • Updated Bosch checksum to do dual boot files.
  • Updated Mercedes ME2.8 seed key.


This update only works for users with the latest MPPS interface (from SN 43xxxxxx > onwards)
Older hardware 41/42xxxxxx is no longer supported.