MPPS V22.0.2.14 Released

  • Added VAG Delphi DCM 3.7 OBD R/W/CKS.
  • Added New version of Range Rover SID 204 added.
  • Added Mitsubishi EDC16C39 (Beta drive for now have been unable to test)


  • Added Ford SID 209 Password to Tricore boot.
  • Added Renault SID 309/310 Password to Tricore boot.
  • Added Renault SID 307/309/310 OBD Password to MPPS, (for users with Tricore license only!). Please note SID 307 password can only be read in the car.
  • Password function in Tricore boot revised.  It will now remember passwords that have been used in the past, so no need to read/load again.


This update only works for users with the latest MPPS interface (from SN 43xxxxxx > onwards)
Older hardware 41/42xxxxxx is no longer supported.

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