MPPS v18.6.4.14 Released

  • Added Jaguar SID 204 R/W/C
  • Added Range Rover Sport SID 201/203/204 R/W/C
  • Added Jeep Patriot EDC16U31 R/W/C
  • Added VAG EDC17C46 OBD R/W/C (Only unlocked ECU’s)
  • Added VAG MED17.5.2 OBD R/W/C (Only unlocked ECU’s)
  • Added Fiat ME7.6.3 W/C (Read can be done with the Multiboot plugin)
  • Updated Peugeot MED17 Checksum
  • Updated Fiat ME7.9.10 (Full or Data Write)
  • Updated Fiat MM8 Checksum
  • Updated Smart EDC16C31/32
  • Updated Ford EDC16C34
  • Updated selected C167 boot protocols (Will now write only what is different)
  • Updated VAG ME7 (Bypass auto detection of memory type – 512K/1024K)
  • On protocols with CAN and K-Line you can now bypass auto detection and select which you want to use.


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