My Personal Flasher Features:

  • MPF is an VIN based OBD flasher available in windows and android versions.
  • Popular CMDFlash OBD protocols available, eventually all OBD protocols from CMDFlash will be added.
  • The master can manage all users with a pc, mobile or tablet and take control remotely of the MPF.
  • As soon as the end user reads the car, the file will be instantly available on the master backend (cloud system) and back to the MPF as soon as the tuned file is prepared.
  • No more decoding/encoding of files and sending back and forth by email
  • The master can add a maximum of 5 files and user can flash original or tuned files as many times as they like.
  • A log will always be available for master on the backend and the master can also see in realtime what is going on the screen of the slave/end user, where the master can also take control.
  • More apps will come soon, e.g. gauges, power measurement, diagnostics etc.. also an sdk will be released.

MPF can be sold as master branded tool, so it will be tied to that master only, or as a free version so the user can select the master from a list of all CMD master users (master tool must have a valid cmdflash master subscription in order to be listed)