Bosch ECU TOOL v12 Released:

Fiat Bosch ME7.6.3 K-Line
Read/Write ST10F276 Flash + 95080 Eeprom + Reset to Virgin Mode

Fiat Bosch ME7.9.10 K-Line
Read/Write ST10F275 Flash + 95160 Eeprom + Reset to Virgin Mode

Smart Bosch ME7.7.0 K-Line
Read/Write ST10F275 Flash + 95080 Eeprom

Smart Bosch EDG15C-5.x K-line
Read/Write 29F400BT Flash + 95P08 Eeprom

VAG Bosch ME7.5.20 K-Line
Read/Write ST10F275 Flash + 95040 Eeprom


ECU wiring diagrams updated


For more info and a list of supported ECU’s, please visit the product page here.