The I/O Terminal tool can offer functions that normally would normally require the ECU to be opened and a BDM programmer connected, however it can accomplish these procedures over K-line/CAN and in some cases all from OBD!

It also supports some tricky controllers which are not covered by other tools.

Using this tool you gain full control of the ECU’s memories.

You can read/write eeprom and internal/external flash memories (where available)

It also allows reading of pin codes and can return the ECU to a virgin state, so it can be adapted to another car!

Read/modify service history data which contains date, mileage and diagnostic device ID.

Plugins are available for BoschDenso, Easytronic, Fiat BSIMarelli, Motorcycle, Siemens and ST10 Boot. For more info click the desired plugin below:


Bosch Plugin


Denso Plugin


Marelli Plugin


Siemens Plugin


Motorcycle Plugin


Fiat BSI Tool


DSG / Easytronic Plugin



Multitool Plugin


ST10 Boot Flasher