The ultimate tool for Bombardier / Ducati Continental ECU’s, this plugin can offer functions that normally would normally require the ECU to be opened and a programmer connected, however it can accomplish these procedures without opening the ECU!

Using this tool you gain full control of the ECU’s memories.

You can read/write eeprom and flash memories!

It supports Bombardier/Ducati Continental M3C ECU’s.

All operations are done over K-line or CAN bus.


Please note, this product is a software plugin, it can only be used with the I/O Terminal Tool interface. If you do not have the interface, you can add it in the product options.

Supported ECUs

Bombardier Continental M3C 9S12XDP256 1L15Y – Read/Write Flash and Eeprom.

Bombardier Continental M3C 9S12XET256 2M53J – Read/Write P Flash.

Ducati Continental M3C 9S12XDP256 1L15Y – Read/Write Flash and Eeprom.

Ducati Continental M3C 9S12XET256 2M53J – Read/Write P Flash.