We learned a lot from KESSv2 and the new K-TAG is the proof. It is designed entirely around the needs of our customers to be more responsive and reliable. A true champion of innovation, K-TAG introduces another brand new novelty to Alientech world: J-Tag communication for Asian vehicles.

The new K-TAG is 100% J-Tag compatible, but in a completely different way. Usually J-Tag programmers are available only for big productions, never present in chiptuning devices. Using only the essential components, Alientech have merged J-Tag,  Motorola BDM/Nexus and Bootloader Mitsubishi/Infineon Tricore/ST communication lines into a single product.



We know the soul of the power


If you own KESSv2, you already know everything: reliability, speed and efficiency. It is no accident that we decided to use the same software on our K-TAG. K-Suite software allows you to quickly access the data in the engine control units, with automatic recognition of hardware connected to your PC



Innovative protocols for all vehicles

Alientech produces both KESSv2, K-TAG, and the software provided with them, so everything works in perfect harmony. Learn how to use K-TAG takes almost no time, because all the communication protocols operate along similar principles. Once you have learned to use a protocol, you will naturally use all the others. Alientech knows what it means to work in motion. For this reason the research methods of the protocols and choice of vehicles are detailed and ordered.


One of a kind

Unlike many ECU programming tools, with K-TAG you have at your disposal only the applications you really need. Once you have the hardware, you can choose which group of protocols to enable and then start working.


Just as the full range of Alientech programmers, K-TAG is available both in Master and Slave version. This way, Slave user can rely on the larger network of Master in the chiptuning field. The only thing that K-TAG does not do: OBD Communication. But for that you can count on KESSv2.

Continuous support

Buying K-Tag you get advice from experts, assistance, and high-quality support. When you buy an Alientech product you can request One to One personalized support: lesson face-to-face with a trainer who will help you to do the setup, will teach you the basics and will guide you to achieve your projects.

Backup can save your day

Making backups. A key thing that is often forgotten. That’s why K-TAG allows you to read each file: microprocessor, flash EPROM, EEPROM, and to save them all in a single protected file. So you can go back in time at any moment.