This kit allows you to connect your MPPS easily and comfortably to many types of VAG EDC17 /MED17 to read/write over boot mode.

The kit includes:

  • VAG EDC17/MED17 cable with boot pin (integrated 1kΩ resistor)
  • Universal MEDC17 tricore boot pin kit consisting of an ECU mounting plate and 2 x arms equipped with spring loaded boot pins. The arms are secured with high performance magnets ensuring no movement once aligned.

This kit provides a clean connection to ECU boot pads without soldering!

Simply connect your MPPS to the ECU with the cable provided, screw the plate to the control unit and align the boot pins with the corresponding pads on the ecu. Then power the ecu and you are ready to read/write!

 It is designed to work with controllers using TC1766 and TC1796 processor, this includes:

  • EDC17CP04
  • EDC17CP14
  • EDC17CP20
  • EDC17CP24
  • EDC17U01
  • EDC17U05
  • MED17.1
  • MED17.1.1
  • MED17.5
  • MED17.5.1
  • MED17.5.5
  • MED17.5.20

This kit will not work with controllers using TC1767 or TC1797, however we will offer probes for these controllers soon (e.g EDC17C46, EDC17CP44, MED17.5.2 etc…)

* Please note: This cable has a special pinout which is unique to MPPS, we do not recommend use with any other tools. If you need a similar cable for a different tool please contact us *