Turrin Elettronica


For over thirty years Turrin Elettronica have been producing hardware and software dedicated for professionals in the automotive world. Their technology is also available for all workshops.


The team of innovative electronic engineers are continually researching, expanding and improving the user experience and support. This aids in making the end product technologically advanced with the ability to excel at national and international level.



The MTM-CAN system is a multi function programming tool for a variety of automotive control units.

It supports reading / writing of data from dashboards, engine controllers and body controllers. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Reading and reprogramming of odometer value stored in dashboard/instrument cluster.
  • Reading and reprogramming of odometer value stored in BMW CAS unit from OBD. (CAS2/CAS3)
  • Reading and reprogramming of odometer value stored in engine ECU in conjunction with CheckECU software.
  • Reading and writing of eeprom data in engine ECU. (OBD and Tricore boot modes supported)
  • Reading and writing of eeprom data in body ECU.
  • Change language function for BMW dashboards.
  • Reading and writing of vehicle configuration data in Mercedes dashboards to allow cloning. (W204/W207/W212)
  • TV in motion unlocking function for BMW models.
  • Reset service indicators.
  • Reset DPF/FAP warnings.
  • Wake up by CAN function function for working with selected Audi, Renault and Volvo dashboards on the bench.

The tool is available in different configurations, so you can select only the functions you need.

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