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MMS DynoRoad

MMS DynoRoad

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This Road Test Dyno installs in just two minutes and ensures accurate and continuous measurements of your vehicle’s parameters.

In stock

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DynoRoad The Portable Car Dyno

A fast and easy road dynamometer for testing your vehicle’s performance

DynoRoad is a road test dyno that measures the power, torque, acceleration and other parameters of passenger cars and other traditional or electric vehicles.
The device is equipped with a Bluetooth WIFI connection and the calibration and the measurement of engine parameters is monitored through a smartphone app.
The device is characterized by a compact housing that can be carried with you on the go.
So Easy, So Fast, So Accurate
Getting started with DynoRoad is as easy as mounting the car dyno on the vehicle’s wheel, pressing the ON / OFF switch and connecting it to your mobile device.

Smart Mobile Application


DynoRoad’s application software user interface is simple and intuitive, designed for anyone that knows how to use a mobile phone. The app walks you through the initial set-up of the car dyno and gives you clear and understandable options to accurately measure the horsepower and torque of your vehicle but you can also analyse and compare the results of these measurements.



Package Contents

  • DynoRoad module x1
  • 8mm allen key x1
  • 10mm allen key x1
  • 14mm spanner x1
  • 4 pcs bolt attachment set – 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm x1
  • M12 threaded bolt x1
  • M10 screw & spring washer x1


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