Gysflash 123-12 CNT FV is a 120A high power stabilised supply incorporating inverter technology with functions:

  • Charging: for 12 V Lead or Lithium (LFP) batteries from 5 to 1500 Ah.
  • Diagnostics: supports up to 120 A for 12 V batteries in vehicles in the diagnostic
    phase, in maintenance workshops.
  • Showroom: provides power compensation when using the electrical accessories of a
    demonstration vehicle. It also manages the optimal charging of the battery.
  • Tester: Allows you to check the battery voltage, evaluate the starting system (starter +
    battery) and the condition of the vehicle’s alternator.

CNT (Connected Technology) makes this product 100% customisable by USB!

Your GYSFLASH is equipped with USB connectivity that extends its functionality by creating custom configurations on your computer that can then be downloaded to the device via a simple USB stick. The custom configuration allows you to add, delete or modify charging modes and profiles, so that your charger can be adapted to your needs. USB connectivity also gives you the ability to retrieve the history and data of more than 100 recharge on a USB stick and run them on a spreadsheet.

Additionally CNT models can connect with accessories such as CNT printer and barcode / QR code readers!

Includes 5m battery cable and power cord.

Flexible Voltage: The GYSFLASH FV range is designed for use on mains power between 85V and 265V.