Software module allows editing and tuning of Bosch EDC15, EDC16, EDC17 series for 1.4 and 1.6 D-4D Toyota engines.

The following maps are available for editing:

Airmass maps for EGR, thresholds for EGR, desired boost maps and boost limitation, boost pressure vnt control maps, injection time control, fuel quantity maps, conversion from torque to fuel, quantity limitation maps, target lambda for smoke limitations, rail pressure maps, rail pressure limitation, start of injection maps, and also torque limitation, requested torque, gearbox torque maps, and torque monitoring maps and values (for EDC17) etc… See screenshots for more info!

BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle is required in order to use this software!

1.4  D-4D – EDC15, EDC16, EDC17
1.6  D-4D – EDC15, EDC16, EDC17

Please note, this product is an map editor only and does not allow you to read/write the ECU.

For full info please view the product page here.