Software module for editing calibrations Continental SIM2K-260 and SIM2K-261 ECUs of petrol normal aspirated and turbocharged Kia/Hyundai vehicles

The following maps are available for editing:

Air calculation: Air mass flow through the throttle body, Target air mass flow in additional mode
Driver request: Driver interpretation map
Exhaust camshaft position: Exhaust camshaft position setpoint
Exhaust gas temperature model: Basic engine out exhaust gas temperature for reference conditions, Basic ignition angle for the exhaust gas temperature model, Engine out exhaust gas temperature in case of full cylinder shut off after very long PUC duration, Reference ignition angle for the exhaust gas temperature model
Fuel pressure: Fuel pressure setpoint in additional mode
Idle speed: Nominal idle speed in additional mode
Ignition maps: Basic ignition angle, Basic minimum ignition angle difference value, Ignition correction via intake air temperature, Reference ignition angle
Intake camshaft position: Intake camshaft position in additional mode
Limiters [if found]: Maximum speed limiter (higher threshold), Maximum speed limiter (lower threshold)
Target Lambda: Lambda for component protection, Lambda full load enrichment, Reference lambda value
Throttle control: Manual throttle position setpoint, Maximum throttle position setpoint at ignition key on for non TCI and A/T
Torque model: Coolant and oil temperature correction of friction torque, Frictional and pumping torque losses of the engine, Indicated engine torque at reference conditions
Turbo system: Air Temperature increase factor through the turbocharger compressor, Basic wastegate EPC temperature, Limitation of PQ_SCHA, Map for boost pressure actuator setpoint, Maximum allowed pressure quotient at turbo charger compressor, Maximum charge air pressure quotient for charge air pressure too high (CAP_H) diagnosis, Maximum Pressure ratio at charger for activation of MAP_CTL plausibility diagnoses, Minimum charge air pressure quotient for charge air pressure too low (CAP_L) diagnosis, Open loop wastegate control signal, Pressure ratio at the wastegate actuator EPC, Pressure up throttle setpoint, Standardized turbocharger speed, Hysteresis value for end of surge definition – in idle, Maximum pressure up throttle at standard conditions, Surge line definition (component characteristic) for LV_SURGE detection

Supported SW list


BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle is required in order to use this software!

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