Software module for editing calibrations of Bosch MSE6.0/US6.0 ECUs

The following maps are available for editing:

Air control: Pulsation correction for mass air flow in additional mode
Airmass calculation: Airmass flow through throttle valve, Manifold absolute pressure in case of sensor error, Target air filling calculated, Throttle valve position from airmass flow
Airmass calculation: efficiency: Exhaust gas rest pressure, Volumetric efficiency
Exhaust gas model: Exhaust gas temperature in additional mode
Idle speed control: Desired idle speed, Desired idle speed in warm up, Elevated idle speed from battery voltage
Injector control: Injection end timing, Injection end timing full load, Injection end timing at start, Injection end timing at start by engine speed, Injection end timing cold engine, Injector dead time, Injector flow constant
Limiters: Engine speed limitation, Vehicle Speed Limitation (Test if found, not guaranteed)
Spark advance: Spark advance optimal, Spark advance base, Spark advance correction by coolant temperature
Start: Cold start enrichment, Injection correction factor for reducing enrichment on cold start, Injection correction factor for reducing enrichment on warm start, Warm start enrichment
Target lambda: Lambda configuration bitmask (0 – no lambda, 1 – front, 3 – both), Lambda Limit for combustion, Lean lambda threshold by coolant temperature, Pulsations correction factor, Target lambda at full load, Target Lambda at Partial Load, Target lambda at warm up, Target lambda on acceleration hot engine


BitSoftware Senselock USB dongle is required in order to use this software!

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