This cable allows you to connect AMT-BST / MPPS TPSG / bFlash easily and comfortably to various Bosch ECUs to read/write over boot or bench mode, compatible with:

  • JLR MED17.8.32
  • Maserati MED17.3.4
  • McLaren ME17.8.32
  • McLaren ME17.8.33
  • VAG MED17.1.1
  • VAG MED17.1.10
  • VAG MED17.1.61
  • VAG EDC17CP44
  • VAG MG1CS001 
  • VAG MG1CS111
  • VAG MD1CP004
  • VAG MD1CP014

The main connector supplies power and CAN bus to the ECU, additional connections for BOOT, CNF are included for boot mode and S1, S2 for Bosch Service Mode.