We can now offer software solutions from MTX Electronics.

Functionality of the MTX suites include:

  • Remove DTCs (P-codes or manufacturer specific codes)
  • Remove the air flow sensor (MAF OFF)
  • Remove EGR valve (EGR OFF)
  • Remove the catalyst (KAT OFF)
  • Remove the filter Diesel particulate filter (DPF OFF)
  • Turn off the system adblue (ADBLUE OFF)
  • Deactivation of speed limiter (VMAX OFF)
  • Protection against reading OBD (OBD PROT)
  • Solve VAG hot start (HOT START)
  • Convert management MAF to MAP (MAF MAP)
  • MAP sensor linearization 4 Bar (MAP LIN)
  • Deactivate the active control torque (TRQ UNLOCK)
  • Removal of swirl flaps / butterfly valves (SWIRL OFF)
  • Remove anti-tuning protection on tricore (TPROT OFF )
  • Remove the throttle valve  (TVA OFF)
  • Unlock the throttle valve (TVA UNLOCK)