ByteShooter V4.08 Update:


  • Mercedes ME9.7 WRITE (Menus added)  (V4 Dongle required) VAG Simos 10.1 READ/WRITE (V4 Dongle required)
  • VAG Simos 10.2 WRITE (V4 Dongle required) AUDI DSG DL501 Real-read by Plug/WRITE by OBD/CHKS (Module 038 required)


  • RSA MEDC17, Blocks with Flag 1010 now recognized (Module 030 required)
  • RSA MEDC17, Headers/Filerelocators adapted (Module 030 required) TC1796_INT/TC1766_INT without Reset eliminated

To update to V4.08 use the update option inside ByteShooter.