ByteShooter V4.01 Update:

VAG EDC17C64 TC1797 (Golf 7 – Audi A3)
Opel Astra-J A14NEL 120PS Delco5
BMW MSD80_can (OBD and bench R/W/chks) – Modul 037!
BMW MSD81_can (OBD and bench R/W/chks) – Modul 037!
BMW MSD85_can (OBD and bench R/W/chks) – Modul 037!
037 module activation codes are included in V4.00 Dongle delivery!

BMW MSD8x_can option: read on bench lower than 10 min !!

– MB CRD2.x Datenoffset PKW/NFZ fixed (Vito/Viano)
Datablock offset CAR: $240000 / Datablock offset TRUCK: $260000
– Simos PCR2.1 WRITE OBD improved
– Simos Simos8 WRITE OBD improved

– TC1797_eep mistake fixed (reset at 16%)

New pictures:
VAG_EDC17C64_2.0TDI_CR_EU6_TC1797.JPG (Available online at installation)

New FTDI drivers:
CDM20824_Setup.exe (Available online at installation)

SIMOSUNLOCK manual with instructions to read/write PCR2.1_can.

To update to V4.01 use the known download link.