New features:

  • Full screen mode (F11) now added
  • Added support for Flags/String editing including BitFlags in new map packs
  • HexDump: added fast editing buttons and hot keys
  • HexDump: added support of clipboard actions
  • HexDump: different selection behaviour with CTRL and ALT keys
  • HexDump: now number of columns can be changed to fit table sizes
  • HexDump: added bars visualisation and can be switched ASCII/BARS
  • HexDump: a lot of actions added to main toolbar in HexDump


  • Improved working with DataIndex/IndexData axis
  • Added support of new map formats for Honda Moto module
  • Added support for additional DTC code formatting and descriptions
  • Added colours setting for 2D view
  • Added settings of lines thickness and size of points in 2D view

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a lot of stability bugs and crashes caused by map pack internal errors
  • Fixed memory allocation and leakage on big map packs
  • Fixed bug with process kill during closing BitEdit
  • Fixed hot key for editing, in some cases


NEW MODULE – BitEdit Honda Moto Keihin 

Module for editing files from Honda bikes, scooters and ATVs with Keihin ECU.

Supports different ECU types H8C/R8C, SPC, SH7058, M32R

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